2010 Accountability Rating System

Accountability Data Tables
From this site you may access the accountability summaries and data tables for campuses or districts. These show each campus or district's accountability rating and the information used to determine those ratings. Performance information is also available at the region level and the state level. The values on these tables may be masked in order to comply with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For information on which data are masked, please see the Explanation of Masking Rules. For information specific to alternative education accountability (AEA), visit the AEA resource site.

The following links provide accountability ratings for all ESC regions, districts, and campuses from several different perspectives and provide additional information related to the ratings.

Ratings by District shows ratings for all the campuses within a district as well as the district's rating. It includes a count of schools in each category.

Ratings by County shows all district and campus ratings within a county.

Ratings by Region shows all district and campus ratings within each of the twenty Education Service Center regions in Texas.

Ratings by School Type shows campus ratings by school type. For example, you can find all high schools in the state rated Exemplary, or all elementaries rated Recognized. Separately, you may also search for Districts by Rating.

Gold Performance Acknowledgments lists districts or campuses by Gold Performance Acknowledgment categories or by any combination of acknowledgments. The Campus Data Tables and District Data Tables include acknowledgment information for individual campuses and districts.

Ratings by Charter shows ratings for all charters.

Ratings by AEA shows ratings for campuses and districts rated using the alternative education accountability procedures.

All Ratings in State shows ratings for all districts, campuses, and charters.

The State Summary provides detail about ratings statewide.

Select Data Download to download accountability data in an Excel format or a delimited ASCII format.

The Accountability Manual explains how accountability ratings were assigned to campuses and districts in 2010.

This year, new products—the Use of Additional Features of Districts and Campuses—are available. These listings show which Additional Features were used in determining a campus or district rating. For more information on the Texas Projection Measure, see the Detailed Analyses of TPM results from the Division of Student Assessment.

See the Highlights document (PDF download) for more information on the statewide impact of the 2010 accountability ratings. For a list of districts and campuses rated Academically Unacceptable for one or more consecutive years, go to the Multi-Year AU List (PDF download).

Secondary School Completion and Dropouts in Texas Public Schools, 2008–09 – TEA prepares an annual report on dropouts, graduates and other completers in Texas public schools. This report includes summaries of the annual dropout rate, longitudinal secondary school completion/student status rates, and state attrition rates.

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Ratings were updated on November 3, 2010. Ratings for 2010 are now final.

This page last updated November 10, 2010