Accountability Manual

Table of Contents


  About the 2007 Accountability System

  About this Manual

  Educator Input

  System Philosophy

  Reports Associated with the Accountability System

Part 1 - Standard Procedures

Chapter 1 - Overview

  System History

  Comparison of 2006 and 2007

Chapter 2 - The Basics: Base Indicators

  Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills

  State-Developed Alternative Assessment II

  Accountability Subset

  Completion Rate I

  Annual Dropout Rate (Grades 7-8)

Chapter 3 - The Basics: Additional Features

  Required Improvement to Academically Acceptable



  Completion Rate I

  Required Improvement to Recognized



  Completion Rate I


  Additional Issues for Districts

  Districts with Academically Unacceptable Campuses

  Underreported Students

  Additional Students in District Ratings

Chapter 4 - The Basics: Determining a Rating

  Who is Rated?

  Standard Rating Labels

  Notification of Ratings (August 1, 2007)

  Notification of Ratings (Late October, 2007)

  Using the Data Table to Determine a Rating

  Additional Information on August Data Tables

  System Summary

Chapter 5 - Gold Performance Acknowledgments

  Acknowledgment Categories

  Acknowledgment Indicators

  Advanced Course Completion

  AP/IB Results

  Attendance Rate

  Commended: Reading/ELA

  Commended: Mathematics

  Commended: Writing

  Commended: Science

  Commended: Social Studies

  CI: Reading/ELA

  CI: Mathematics


  SAT/ACT Results


  TSI: Mathematics

  Notification of Acknowledgment

Chapter 6 - Special Issues and Circumstances


  Identifying Campuses

  Additional Features

  Pairing Process


  Special Analysis

  Identifying Campuses and Districts

  Methods for Special Analysis

  New Campuses


  Alternative Education Campuses

  Residential Treatment Centers

  Detention Centers and Correctional Facilities

  Students Confined to Texas Youth Commission Facilities within Texas Public School Districts


  Special Education Campuses

Part 2 - Alternative Education Accountability (AEA) Procedures

Chapter 7 - Overview of AEA

  About Part 2 of this Manual

  Educator Input

  History of AEA

  Philosophy of AEA

  Overall Design of AEA Procedures

Chapter 8 - AEA Registration Criteria and Requirements

  Alternative Education Campuses (AECs)

  AEC Eligibility

  AEC Campus Registration Process

  AEC Registration Criteria

  At-Risk Registration Criterion


  Charters Evaluated Under AEA Procedures

  AEC Enrollment Criterion for Charters

Chapter 9 - Attribution of AEC Data


  Attribution of Data

Chapter 10 - AEA Base Indicators

  TAKS Progress Indicator

  SDAA II Indicator

  Completion Rate II (Grades 9-12) Indicator

  Annual Dropout Rate (Grades 7-12) Indicator

Chapter 11 - Additional Features of AEA

  Required Improvement

  TAKS Progress Indicator

  SDAA II Indicator

  Completion Rate II Indicator

  Annual Dropout Rate Indicator

  Use of District At-Risk Data

  TAKS Progress Indicator

  Completion Rate II Indicator

  Additional Requirements for Charters

  AECs Rated AEA: Academically Unacceptable

Chapter 12 - AEA Ratings

  Who is Rated?

  AEA Rating Labels

  Using the Data Table to Determine an AEA Rating

  Final Data Tables

  Masked Data

  AEA Summary

Chapter 13 - AEA Glossary and Index

Part 3 - Items Common to Standard and AEA Procedures

Chapter 14 - Appealing the Ratings

  Appeals Calendar

  General Considerations

  Appeals are not a data correction opportunity!

  Changed Ratings Only

  No Guaranteed Outcomes

  Situations NOT Favorable for Appeal


  TAKS Appeals

  SDAA II Appeals

  School Leaver Provision

  Gold Performance Acknowledgment Appeals

  Special Circumstance Appeals

  Grade 11 Results

  Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

  Early College High Schools

  How to Submit an Appeal

  How an Appeal Will Be Processed by the Agency

Chapter 15 - Responsibilities and Consequences

  Local Responsibilities

  Statutory Compliance

  Accurate Data

  Campus Identification Numbers

  Complementary Local Accountability Systems

  State Responsibilities

  System Safeguards

  District Accreditation Status

  Public Education Grant Program Campus Lists


  Excellence Exemptions

Chapter 16 - Accountability Standards for 2008

Chapter 17 - Preview of 2008 and Beyond

  Standard Procedures for 2008



  Completion Rate I

  Annual Dropout Rate (Gr. 7-8)

  Additional Features

  Gold Performance Acknowledgments

  Report-Only Indicators

  AEA Procedures for 2008

  AEA Campus Registration Process

  At-Risk Registration Criterion

  TAKS Progress

  Annual Dropout Rate (Gr. 7-12)

  Completion Rate II

  AEA Accountability Development Topics

  Standard Procedures for 2009


  Completion Rate I

  Annual Dropout Rate (Gr. 7-8)

  New Base Indicator

  Additional Features

  Gold Performance Acknowledgments (GPA)

  Report-Only Indicators

  AEA Procedures for 2009

  AEA Campus Registration Process

  TAKS Progress

  Annual Dropout Rate (Gr. 7-12)

  Completion Rate II

  Standard Procedures for 2010


  Completion Rate I

  Annual Dropout Rate (Gr. 7-8)

  Gold Performance Acknowledgments (GPA)

  AEA Procedures for 2010

  TAKS Progress

  Overview 2007 - 2010

Chapter 18 - Calendar


  Appendix A - Commissioner of Education Rule

  Appendix B - Texas Education Code

  Appendix C - Comparison of State and Federal Systems

  Appendix D - Data Sources

  Appendix E - Texas Growth Index

  Appendix F - Campus Comparison Group

  Appendix G - Contacts

  Appendix H - Acknowledgments

  Appendix I - NCES Dropout Definition


  Table 1: Definitions of Terms

  Table 2: Comparison of 2006 and 2007

  Table 3: Accountability Subset

  Table 4: Standard Rating Labels

  Table 5: Sample Data Table

  Table 6: Requirements for Each Rating Category

  Table 7: Overview of 2007 System Components

  Table 8: Gold Performance Acknowledgment Standards for 2007

  Table 9: Inclusion or Exclusion of Performance Data

  Table 10: TAKS Progress Indicator

  Table 11: Completion Rate II (Grades 9-12) Indicator

  Table 12: Annual Dropout Rate (Grades 7-12) Indicator

  Table 13: Use of TAKS Data of At-Risk Students in the District

  Table 14: Use of Completion Rate II Data of At-Risk Students in the District

  Table 15: AEA Rating Labels

  Table 16: Sample AEA Data Table

  Table 17: Requirements for 2007 AEA: Academically Acceptable Rating

  Table 18: Overview of 2007 AEA Procedures

  Table 19: Standards for 2008 Ratings - Standard Procedures

  Table 20: Standards for 2008 Ratings - AEA Procedures

  Table 21: Use of TAKS-I in Accountability Ratings

  Table 22: Completion Rate Transition

  Table 23: Standards through 2010 - Standard Procedures

  Table 24: Standards through 2010 - AEA Procedures

  Table 25: Gold Performance Acknowledgment Standards through 2010

  Table 26: Comparison of State and Federal Accountability (AYP) by Indicator

  Table 27: 2007 Grade Level Comparison of State (Standard Procedures) and Federal Accountability

  Table 28: Assessments Used in Accountability

  Table 29: PEIMS Record Types Used in Accountability

  Table 30: Student Demographics

  Table 31: Leaver Codes

  Table 32: Accountability Subset for SSI - Grades 3 & 5 TAKS Reading

  Table 33: Accountability Subset for SSI - Grades 5 TAKS Mathematics

  Table 34: Accountability Subset for Non-SSI Grades and Subjects

  Table 35: TGI Growth Equation Parameters - Mathematics and Science

  Table 36: TGI Growth Equation Parameters - Reading, ELA, and Social Studies

  Table 37: Sample TGI Calculation

  Table 38: Changes to PEIMS Leaver Codes between 2005-06 and 2006-07