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Frequently Asked Questions About the Adequate Yearly Progress System

(Last updated August 8, 2012)

AYP Frequently Asked Questions
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2012 AYP - Updated April 24, 2012

  1. What has changed for 2012 AYP Evaluations?
  2. What assessments will grade 3-8 students who are enrolled in one or more high school courses with a STAAR EOC assessment need to take?
  3. How will the EOC tests be used in 2012 AYP?
  4. What are the assessment and performance standards for 2011-2012 AYP Evaluations?
  5. When will the performance results used for 2012 AYP be reported to districts?
  6. When will information about the approved 2012 Texas AYP workbook be posted on AYP's website?
  7. Will the STAAR Bridge Study for AYP provide sufficient information to measure improvement in student performance from 2011 to 2012? Will school districts receive that information?


  1. What is AYP?
  2. What is reported for AYP?
  3. What are the student groups that are considered for AYP?
  4. Are prekindergarten and kindergarten campuses evaluated for AYP?
  5. Where can I find AYP information for a charter school?
  6. How are Alternative Education schools evaluated for AYP?
  7. Is AYP reported for Texas private schools?
  8. How do Texas schools compare to schools in other states?
  9. Changes made to AYP Graduation and Attendance rate calculations in 2010
    a. What was the change in the Graduation Rate calculations for 2010 AYP?
    b. Does the change in AYP Graduation Rate calculation apply to the Other Indicator and
    Performance Improvement/Safe Harbor?

    c. When will individual student groups be evaluated for AYP Graduation Rate?
    d. Was there a change in 2010 in minimum size requirements for graduation rate
    as the other indicator?

    e. Has there been a change in the LEP Student Group graduation rate definition?
    f. How does one calculate the safe harbor target for the 4-year graduation rate?
    g. Were there any changes in minimum size requirements for attendance rate as
    the other indicator for 2010 AYP calculations?

*School Improvement

  1. If a Title I, Part A district or campus Misses AYP for Reading (Performance) one year and then misses AYP for Mathematics (Participation) the next year, will it be subject to Year 1 of Title I SIP Requirements?
  2. I have a Title I, Part A campus that Missed AYP because of the Special Education group in Reading Performance. If next year this same campus Meets AYP with the Special Education group in Reading Performance but Misses AYP because of the Economically Disadvantaged student group in Reading Participation, will the district or campus be subject to Stage 1 of Title I SIP Requirements?
  3. Is it possible to be a Title I, Part A campus and be in Year 1 of Title I SIP Requirements for more than one reason?
  4. *Please see the NCLB Division website for more in-depth information.

Federal Cap (Updated for 2012 AYP)

  1. General Questions
  2. Campus Rankings
  3. Student Selection Process
  4. Exceptions to the 1% Cap

Assessments used in AYP  (Updated for 2012 AYP)

  1. What test results are included in AYP?
  2. How are assessment results from the first and second administrations for students with Student Success Initiative (SSI) requirements used in AYP performance calculations?
  3. Are the Linguistically Accommodated Testing (LAT) results used in AYP?
  4. What is the latest information regarding Science Assessments in AYP?
  5. Does the special provisions for unschooled English Language Learners (ELL) asylees and refugees apply to AYP?

Web Products

  1. How can I print a copy of an AYP report from the internet?
  2. How do I download the AYP data and place it into a spreadsheet to create my own reports?
  3. I just tried to download a report and received an "ERROR" or "TIMEOUT" message. What do I do now?

AYP Home

For questions regarding accessibility of AYP products for the visually impaired, contact AYP Accessibility.

Call Performance Reporting at (512) 463-9704 or email performance.reporting@tea.state.tx.us with any questions you may have.

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