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2012 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

Access information related to the Final 2012 AYP Status for Texas school districts and campuses and the AYP system from this page. Brief descriptions of each of the links for this website follow. (The data tables and reports are PDFs. If you have any difficulties with accessing the PDF reports, please refer to our Technical Help Page).

The Final 2012 AYP results reflect the effects of appeals and exceptions requested by districts. For more information about appeals, please see our AYP Appeal Guidelines. For more information about exceptions, please refer to Section IV of the AYP Guide, which provides information on the evaluation of Exceptions for Other Circumstances.

District & Campus Listings is a list of Final 2012 AYP Status and 2012-13 Title I AYP Requirements for all districts and campuses. (PDF download. This 213 page document may take a few seconds longer to open.)

The 2012-13 Title I School Improvement List based on final 2012 AYP results.

State Summary Tables Performance provides state summary tables of Final 2012 AYP Status results.

State Summary Tables Performance provides three tables of Final 2012 AYP Status results in a single PDF document: State Summary Tables for District Results, Campus Results (Regular and Charter), and Charter Results; Campus Results by Status Category; and Campus Results by Campus Type PDF download.

Expanded State Summary Tables Performance adds more detailed information including AYP Results for Years 2003-2012 for Districts, Campuses, and Charters; School Improvement Results for Years 2003-2012 for Districts, Campuses, and Charters; AYP Status for Districts and Campuses, District Results (Regular and Charter), District Results by Status Category; District Results by Campus Type, Detailed Reasons for Districts and Campuses Missing AYP, and Graduation Rate Indicator Results for Districts and Campuses (PDF download)

State Summary Table Participation provides the participation status for each student included in the Final 2012 AYP calculations. (PDF download)

AYP Guide is a resource that describes how the 2012 AYP Status was determined for Texas districts and campuses. (PDF download)

2012 AYP Highlights summarizes 2012 AYP Results and Appeals/Exceptions. Results from 2011 and 2012 are also reviewed for significant findings. (PDF download)

State Data Table is a state-level 2012 AYP Data Table. (PDF download)

Regional Data Tables and District/Campus Listings provides access to the five-page 2012 AYP regional data tables and to regionally specific lists of 2012 AYP Status and 2012-13 Title I AYP Requirements for all districts and campuses in a selected region.

District Data Tables and Campus Data Tables provide access to the five-page 2012 AYP district and campus reports.

Data Download provides 2012 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) data available for download as comma delimited, tab delimited, or fixed column formats in ASCII. This feature allows users to select specific AYP data elements.

Frequently Asked Questions provides answers to some of the most common AYP questions.

For questions regarding accessibility of AYP products for the visually impaired, contact AYP Accessibility.

Call Performance Reporting at (512) 463-9704 or email performance.reporting@tea.state.tx.us with any questions you may have.

This page last updated December 11, 2012

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