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Grade 9 Longitudinal Graduation and Dropout Rates, Texas Public Schools, Class of 2012

                                            Graduated or       continued, or
        Graduated             Continued           Received GED         Dropped out         received GED         received GED    
Class Number Rate (%) Number Rate (%) Number Rate (%) Number Rate (%) Number Rate (%) Number Rate (%)
316,758 277,778 87.7 15,750 5.0 3,198 1.0 20,032 6.3 280,976 88.7 296,726 93.7

Note. A dash (-) indicates data are not reported to protect student anonymity. When the number of students represented by a final status is not reported, the corresponding class size may be presented in such a manner as to provide a general idea of the number of students in the class while maintaining student anonymity.

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