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School District State Aid Reports
 This page is designed to allow users to view/print school districts' Summary of Finances or other state aid-related reports. The following cautions are advised:
  • Reports generated through this page are current as of the date that appears within the text of the report. The State Funding Division has discontinued mailing Summaries of Finance to school districts. District administrators are advised to visit this website once each month to print their Summary of Finances and their Payment Ledger. Districts are also advised to check the correspondence section of the School Finance website at the same time to view information about updates to the Summaries and other state funding related news.
  • Important Printing Information!!  Most of these reports are set up as landscape-oriented documents.  Because browsers often print in portrait orientation as the default, you will generally need to change your browser's print options to landscape orientation to print your report.
To view a school district report, enter the 6-digit district number in the appropriate text box below and click the submit button. It will take several seconds for the report to be generated.

  1. The August 2011 Foundation payment will NOT be deferred.
  2. The August 2013 Foundation payments WILL BE deferred until approximately September 10th of the following fiscal year.
  3. The 2010-2011 Preliminary Summary of Finances (SOF) does NOT reflect summer PEIMS. This will happen at "near final" settle-up, which will occur in September 2011.
  4. Final summer PEIMS for 2010-2011 school year will NOT be used to replace LPE pupil counts for 2011-2012.
  5. M&O tax rate changes for 2011-2012 will NOT be available to update the SOF until the Comptroller reports them to the Texas Education Agency in January 2012.
2011-2012 State Level Summary                
2010-2011 State Level Summary                
2009-2010 State Level Summary                
2008-2009 State Level Summary                
2007-2008 State Level Summary                
2006-2007 State Level Summary                
These reports provide the detail by issue for the EDA eligible debt service displayed on line 5 of the CALCULATION OF EXISTING DEBT ALLOTMENT section of the Summary of Finances. These reports are best viewed at screen resolution settings of 1024x768 or higher. These reports are designed as landscape-oriented documents. Because browsers often print in portrait orientation as the default, you will generally need to change your browser's print options to landscape orientation to print your report.

This report provides a listing of a district's applications that are funded through the IFA program. From the list, you can generate a detailed report specific to each IFA award. The report is designed as a landscape-oriented document. Because browsers often print in portrait orientation as the default, you will generally need to change your browser's print options to landscape orientation to print your report.

The IFA award status "UNDER REVIEW" indicates payment has not yet been approved for the specified debt. Districts with an IFA estimated state share greater than $0.00 could be under review for one or more of the following reasons: 1) recent financial transactions (such as refunding or cash defeasance) that affect debt service, 2) pending prior year adjustments, and/or 3) incomplete file documentation or other discrepancy found in the IFA file. Districts with an IFA estimated state share of $0.00 are not due to receive a payment because of their current wealth status (property wealth greater than $350,000 per student in average daily attendance).

Please note: These 2006-2007 reports do not reflect information for payments, adjustments, or corrections after November 1, 2006.



Click here for the Payment Ledger

Note: Enter the school district name or the 6-digit district number in the District box to select a school district, and select a school year and type of payment ledger from the drop-down lists.
Note: For the 2008-2009 and 2011-2012 school years, school districts are instructed to use the same tuition limit that was used in the previous year.
Note: The 2009-2010 SCE Report is now available on the 2009-2010 Summary Of Finances.

This report provides the 2020 pupil projections for school years 2021-2022 through 2022-2023 as provided to the Legislative Budget Board under Texas Education Code, Section 42.254 on October 1, 2014. To view a district report, click on the following link.

Downloadable File - All Districts (Excel Format) | (PDF Format) - Note: Excel File Size Exceeds 1.5 MB  

Contact information for the Division of State Funding.
Phone: 512-463-9238
FAX: 512-305-9165
e-mail: sfinance@tea.state.tx.us

If you don't know the 6-digit number to enter, please refer to the alphabetic listing of districts below by clicking on the first letter of the district name:

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This page last updated March 13, 2013

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