School Report Card

School level search will produce the School Report Card for a selected school in a print-ready PDF format and, beginning in 2022, as an HTML page (PDF is available from this page). If you are interested in generating PDF reports for all the schools in a district at one time, district level search will produce the SRC in a print-ready PDF format for all campuses in a selected district. Beginning in 2022, a listing of campuses is provided allowing for quick access to HTML and PDF documents for each campus. For the previously provided single PDF of all campuses please email For further information, please access the , Letter to Superintendents.

We have received reports that the PDF School Report Card report is experiencing graphical issues. Our team is currently investigating the problem and working to develop a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will update the SRC as soon as possible.

NOTE: ► Search in district may take several minutes to complete depending on the number of campuses within the selected district.
► This report is not fully compatible with Apple Safari.

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