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2006-07 Comparable Improvement

Comparable Improvement (CI) is a measure that shows how student performance on the TAKS reading/ELA and mathematics tests at a given school has changed (or grown) from one year to the next, and then compares that change to that of the 40 schools that are demographically most similar to the given, or "target" school. The average Texas Growth Index (TGI) values for the 40 member group are rank ordered and the resulting list is divided into fourths, or quartiles. Schools that fall into the first quartile (i.e. top 10 schools of the 40 in their campus group) receive Gold Performance Acknowledgment for CI.

From this web page you can access a school's comparison group to see a list of the 40 schools most similar to the school, as well as the performance growth of each school on that list. Simply go to the Campus Group and CI Report. These 2-part reports are calculated for every school in the state, along with their AEIS reports every year. An explanation of the grouping methodology and Comparable Improvement can be found in the AEIS Glossary.

Two other items are available through this web page: the District Summary (in PDF and HTML format) provides a list of all the schools in a district with their CI quartiles; and the Quartile Summary provides an analysis of the quartile positions of the 40 schools in a target school's group.

Please note that comparison groups and CI are calculated only for schools, not districts.

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