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DREF - District Reference - District Name, County Name, Region Number...

Element Name - Description

CNTYNAME -- County Name

COUNTY -- County Number

DFLCHART -- Charter District? Y/N

DISTNAME -- District Name

DISTRICT -- District Number

REGION -- Region Number

SECS -- PBM Special Education Monitoring Results Status: A = Completed: Noncompliance Follow-up, B = Completed: Routine Follow-up, C = In Review, D = Local Interventions Implemented, E = On-Site Intervention Assigned, F = Oversight/Sanction/Intervention, G = Pending TEA On-Site Action, H = TEA On-Site Action Completed: Noncompliance Follow-up, I = TEA On-Site Action Completed: Oversight/Sanction/Intervention, J = TEA On-Site Action Completed: Routine Follow-up, K = Year After TEA On-Site Action: Noncompliance Follow-up, L = Year After TEA On-Site Action: Routine Follow-up, N = Pending Improvement Plan Resubmission, O = LEA Closure, P = Year After TEA On-Site Action: Pending Improvement Plan Submission, Q = Year After TEA On-Site Action: Pending Report, R = Charter Operations Suspended

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