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The following resources have been developed to help explain the 2018 academic accountability system:

The A-F Resources webpage provides short explanatory videos and presentations on the academic accountability system.

Overview of the 2018 State Accountability System gives a one-page overview of the 2018 academic accountability system.

Frequently Asked Questions provides answers to questions that are commonly asked about the 2018 academic accountability system.

The 2018 Accountability Administrator's Guide is intended to provide relevant information about the 2018 academic accountability system to school district and open-enrollment charter school administrators.

The 2018 Accountability Manual gives an in-depth description of the 2018 academic accountability system and explains how accountability ratings are assigned and distinction designations are awarded.

The Hurricane Harvey Provision webpage provides resources related to academic accountability system modifications for districts and campuses affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Raw domain and component scores were scaled to align with the common conception of letter grades. Performance Reporting has developed a scaling tool to assist with the conversion of raw domain and component scores to scaled scores.

For additional help, please contact the Performance Reporting Department at or (512) 463-9704.