Additional Download Information

Three Download Formats:

1. Excel (.xls) Save the download as follows: Open file and save as an .xls file. (A warning message may appear. Simply click "yes" to open file.)
2. Comma Delimited (.dat)
3. Tab Delimited (.dat)

ID number for District or Campus:

All district and campus downloads have as the first column the ID number. This number must be treated as text because some applications will delete leading zeroes. For this reason, the Excel download includes a single quote: ' in front of the ID number. This informs the application that the number should be treated as text. Note that if the ' is deleted, Excel will not show the leading zeroes.

The comma-delimited and tab-delimited downloads do not include the single quote in front of the ID number.

Slow Download Time and Errors:

If you receive an incomplete download or an error message, it may be that the download took too long. Due to high activity and some resource issues, the downloads have been much slower in the early afternoon than in the morning or evening. You may wish to try your download during non-peak times. The comma-delimited (.dat) and tab-delimited (.dat) downloads use less resources than the Excel (*.xls) download and are less likely to time out during peak times.

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