Using the Distinction Designation Data Overview Report Tool

This tool allows you to select a distinction designation category and sort each indicator to determine how a particular campus was measured against all other campuses in the comparison group. Indicator values displayed in bold signify that a campus was in the top quartile for that indicator.

The scores for all campuses in the target school’s comparison group were used to determine the ranking of performance. To see where the target school ranks within each indicator, simply click twice on the column head to order the scores from greatest to least.

Note the following:

  • Each comparison group has 40 campuses plus the target school.
  • The scores in bold are in the top quartile of the campus's comparison group.
  • Columns with the yellow highlight are indicators for the target school.
  • The header for each column shows the minimum value for the top quartile of the indicator, taken to the necessary decimal point to determine rank.
  • An indicator must have valid scores from at least 20 campuses plus the target campus to be used.
  • A blank is shown when the indicator is not applicable to that campus or it does not meet the minimum of 10 students for the indicator.
  • The Attendance Rate indicator cannot be the sole measure used by a campus to attain a distinction.

The distinction designation indicators and comparison group data for the Top 25 Percent: Student Progress and Top 25 Percent: Closing Performance Gaps have already been provided in the Distinction Designation Report.

The Distinction Designation Data Overview Report Tool for campuses is available at the 2017 Accountability Reports page.