Texas Education Agency

Texas Education Agency
2019 Accountability Ratings Overall Summary
DAVIS EL (227901179) - AUSTIN ISD

Accountability Rating Summary

Overall   79 C
Student Achievement   82 B
STAAR Performance 54 82  
College, Career and Military Readiness      
Graduation Rate      
School Progress   72 C
Academic Growth 70 72 C
Relative Performance (Eco Dis: 24.1%) 54 62 D
Closing the Gaps 51 71 C

Identification of Schools for Improvement

This campus is identified for additional targeted support.

Distinction Designations

ELA/Reading Not Earned
Mathematics Not Earned
Science Not Earned
Social Studies Not Eligible
Comparative Academic Growth Not Earned
Postsecondary Readiness Not Earned
Comparative Closing the Gaps Not Earned

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August 2019

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