Texas Education Agency                     
2021 Accountability Ratings Overall Summary

Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster

Accountability Data Summary

Student Achievement Raw Component Score
STAAR Performance 23
College, Career and Military Readiness 37
Graduation Rate 94
School Progress Raw Component Score
Academic Growth N/A
Relative Performance (Eco Dis: 89.8%) 30
Closing the Gaps % of Indicators Met
Academic Achievement Status 0%
Growth Status N/A
Graduation Status 0%
English Language Proficiency Status 0%
Student Success Status 0%
School Quality Status 25%
% Participation (All Tests)
2018-19 99%
2020-21 93%

Distinction Designations

Distinction designations were not awarded in 2021.

     Released August 2021 TEA | Governance and Accountability | Performance Reporting