Texas Education Agency                     
2019 Distinction Designation Summary
Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading

Indicator Indicator
Attendance Rate 95.1% Q2
Accelerated Student Progress in ELA/Reading 21.0% Q2
Grade 6 Reading Performance (Masters Grade Level) 16.0% Q1
Grade 7 Reading Performance (Masters Grade Level) 27.0% Q1
Grade 7 Writing Performance (Masters Grade Level) 17.0% Q1
Grade 8 Reading Performance (Masters Grade Level) 12.0% Q4
English I Performance (Masters Grade Level) 28.0%  
Total Indicators for ELA/Reading   3 of 6

Distinction Campus Outcome: 3 of 6 eligible indicators in Q1 (Top Quartile)

3 of 6 = 50%

Distinction Target: Middle School = 50% or higher

Blank values for an indicator score occur if the indicator is not applicable to that campus or does not meet the minimum size of 10 students.

Blank values for a quartile occur if there are fewer than 20 campuses in the campus comparison group with data for each qualifying indicator.

The attendance rate indicator is not subject specific; therefore, it applies to ELA/reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. Consequently, this indicator cannot be the sole measure used by a campus to attain a distinction.

     Released August 2019 TEA | Governance and Accountability | Performance Reporting