Texas Education Agency

Texas Education Agency
2019 College, Career, and Military Readiness
TROUP ISD (212904)

Calculation Table

  Annual Graduates
  Count/Credit Percent
   Total graduates 82  
   Total credit for CCMR criteria 53.5 65%

Data Table
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  Annual Graduates
  Count/Credit Percent
Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Criteria
   Met TSI criteria in both ELA/Reading and Mathematics 26 32%
      Met TSI criteria for at least one indicator
34 41%
         Met TSI assessment criteria 19 23%
         Met ACT criteria 10 12%
         Met SAT criteria 10 12%
         Earned credit for a college prep course 0 0%
      Met TSI criteria for at least one indicator
42 51%
         Met TSI assessment criteria 31 38%
         Met ACT criteria 9 11%
         Met SAT criteria 6 7%
         Earned credit for a college prep course 0 0%
AP/IB Examination
   Met criterion score on an AP/IB exam in any subject 0 0%
Dual Course Credits
   Earned credit for at least 3 hours in ELA or Mathematics
   or 9 hours in any subject
30 37%
Industry-Based Certifications
   Earned an industry-based certification from approved list 0 0%
Level I or Level II Certificate
   Earned a level I or level II certificate in any workforce education
0 0%
Associate's Degree
   Earned an associate's degree while in high school 0 0%
OnRamps Dual Enrollment Course
   Completed an OnRamps course and qualified for at least 3
   hours of university or college credit in any subject
0 0%
Graduate with Completed IEP and Workforce Readiness
   Received graduation type code of 04, 05, 54, or 55 2 2%
Special Ed with Advanced Degree Plan
   Identified as receiving special education services and earned an
   advanced degree plan
0 0%
U.S. Armed Forces
   Enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces 5 6%
Met Non-CTE Criteria
   Met at least one criteria above 49 60%
CTE Coherent Sequence Coursework Aligned with Industry-Based Certifications
   CTE coherent sequence graduate with at least one CTE course
   aligned with an industry-based certification and did not meet any
   other criteria (1/2 credit)
4.5 5%

- Indicates there are no students in the group.
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