2003 AYP Final Status Updates

Written Appeals

Districts that submitted a written appeal regarding the preliminary 2003 AYP Status of the district and/or campuses were mailed a written response informing them of the decision to grant or deny the appeal. These decisions are reflected in the final 2003 AYP Status found on the data tables.

Automated Appeals Process

In addition to responding to written AYP appeals, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) piloted an automated process as part of the AYP appeals process. Under this pilot, selected calculations are applied automatically for eligible districts and campuses. An example is located in the 2003 AYP Guide for districts and campuses not meeting AYP due to Attendance Rates. Attendance Rates are a prior-year measure based on 2001–02 attendance. From 1996–2000, districts could appeal to have state accountability ratings reevaluated using current year attendance if the current-year rate met the standard or exceeded the prior-year rate. Following this convention, the preliminary 2003 AYP Status of all districts and campuses identified as Needs Improvement or Pending due to Attendance Rates were reevaluated using 2002–03 attendance.

Participation Rate Automated Appeals

Following review of all the appeals submitted to the TEA, a decision was made to apply a minimum size rule to the numerator of the participation rate. The participation rate does not meet minimum size criteria and is not evaluated if fewer than 10 students were absent on the day of testing. This rule applies to all students and each student group and all campuses and districts with a preliminary 2003 AYP Status of Needs Improvement or Pending.

The preliminary 2003 AYP Status may have changed due to this rule. Consequently, if a district or campus received a preliminary 2003 AYP Status of Needs Improvement for both Reading and Mathematics, the application of this rule may result in only one subject area needing improvement.

The new status is reflected in the final 2003 AYP Status printed on the data tables and district/campus listings released November 20, 2003.

Special Analyses for Small Districts and Campuses

For campuses with a preliminary 2003 AYP Status of Pending, special analyses using uniform averaging and confidence intervals were conducted. These campuses had fewer than 30 total students tested and did not meet the Reading/Language Arts or Mathematics performance criteria for AYP.

Labels and Comments

The comment associated with the AYP status of Needs Improvement now indicates whether the district or campus received that status due to participation only. For example, if the campus received a status Needs Improvement due to Mathematics participation only, the comment will be “Mathematics (Participation)” rather than “Mathematics.”

This change is reflected in the State Summary table: Campus Results by Status Category.

Data Table Information

Data for each campus or district are never modified, even when appeals are applied automatically or granted. Only the final status and comments were updated for districts and campuses receiving an appeal. There was one correction, the Limited English Proficient (LEP) field, in the Performance section that may change your district or campus data table.