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2003 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) data is available for download as comma delimited, tab delimited, or fixed column formats in ASCII. This feature allows users to select specific AYP data elements. For example, you can now choose to download only the Final AYP Status for all districts or campuses. Also, this application downloads the field names with the data as fixed column heads. For the elements you select, all districts or all campuses will be downloaded.

These data elements require use of software such as Wordpad, Access, Excel or other software in order to create customized data for analysis. If these software applications are unable to accommodate the download request, analysts or programmers may need to write their own data extraction programs in order to analyze these data. Note that the maximum number of fields used in a single file are 358 fields for the "All Information" file.

AYP Data Dictionary

This is a resource to assist with identifying the field names for each element found on the AYP Data Tables and is available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Click on this Adobe Acrobat Reader link if you need to download a free copy of this software.

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District-Level Data (All 1,224 Districts)

Campus-Level Data (All 7,733 Campuses)

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