Student Graduate Reports

This page last updated January 30, 2023

This page provides counts of secondary school graduates for the specified year, by graduation plan and ethnicity. Results are available either as a web page or a comma-delimited file. The data will be summarized for a district, county, region, or the state. Values will be masked in order to comply with FERPA. Values masked on web page reports will be replaced by the characters "N/A", and values masked in comma-delimited files will be replaced by the value "-999" or "-9999999" (for the 2017-18 and earlier reports).

School Year:  


If required, enter a region number (e.g., 01 or 13), county name (e.g., HENDERSON), district name (e.g., SAN ANTONIO) or district number (e.g., 057905 for DALLAS ISD) below.

Web Page or Comma-delimited File