2018-2019 PEIMS Teacher FTE Counts and Student Course Enrollment

Report Criteria

This page last updated March 15, 2019

General Comments

These reports include teacher FTE counts and student enrollment counts by subject and course. These data are compiled from the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS), a statewide data system for public education information in Texas.  School districts submit their data using standardized computer files, which are defined in a yearly publication, the TSDS TEDS Data Standards.  

These reports include students enrolled in public school districts and charter schools. The reports do not include courses taught by contracted instructional staff members or courses at private schools.

Reported Information

Grade Level: The grade levels intended for the course.

Teacher FTE Count: Sum of the teachers’ full-time equivalent (FTE) that is devoted to the course.

Course Enrollment: Number of students in membership in the course as of the PEIMS reporting date. The number of students reported for academic courses does not reflect full-year enrollment. The number of students reflects the total number of students in that class, regardless of the actual population served.

NOTE: Certain values are masked to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requirements. Please see the note at the bottom of each report for more details on masking.