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Annual Leavers, Grades 7-12,
Texas Public Schools, 2020-21

Leaver Code Leaver Reason Students (N)
01 Graduates 358,842
All Graduates 358,842
03 Died 731
16 Returned to home country 8,585
24 College, pursuing Associate's or Bachelor's Degree 237
60 Home schooling 29,846
66 Removed - Child Protective Services (CPS) 226
78 Expelled for offense under TEC 37.007, cannot return 62
81 Enrolled in Texas private school 7,816
82 Enrolled in a public or private school outside Texas 30,895
83 Withdrawn by district because not entitled to enrollment 472
85 Graduated outside Texas before entering a Texas public school, entered a Texas public school, and left again 30
86 High school equivalency certificate outside Texas 51
87 Enrolled in university high school diploma program 112
90 Graduated from another state under provisions of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children 8
All Other Leavers 79,071
08 Pregnancy 94
20 Medical injury 60
88 Court-ordered to attend a high school equivalency program and has not earned a Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency (TxCHSE) 483
89 Incarcerated in a state jail or federal penitentiary as an adult 187
98 Other (reason unknown or not listed above) 45,495
All Dropouts 46,319

Note. Annual leaver counts reflect all records received and students may be counted more than once. Results presented in this table may not match deduplicated results reported elsewhere.

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